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Alicia Schoolman

Alicia Schoolman

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach B.S. Exercise & Sport Science, Penn State

Founder and Functional Medicine & National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Struggles to Triumphs Health & Wellness Coaching LLC

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Alicia was born with an innate passion for health and well-being and always felt called to help others. Being born with some serious health issues, growing up on a farm with her family’s strong Faith in God, and participating in 4-H and competitive sports through her freshman year of college provided a great foundation for the grit, grace, and resilience she would need in life for herself and her 2 children. She and her children are alive today by the grace of God and this innate passion He instilled in her. A combination of public and homeschooling worked best for her children and was different for her son and daughter based on each of their unique needs with health issues and educational needs.

A highly passionate functional medicine and national board-certified health & wellness coach with a B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science, Alicia’s been helping individuals and families for over 30 years. One of her areas of expertise is helping individuals and families get good at handling stress and build their resilience by teaching multiple stress coping strategies and helping people develop a plan to incorporate what resonates with them into their lives. Each person and their health journey is unique, so she tailors every aspect of coaching to each person’s unique needs, strengths, values, and what matters most to them, in both group and individual sessions.

Facing, overcoming, and rising above so many health and life struggles and traumas for herself and with her children, Alicia feels blessed to share the extraordinary knowledge and wisdom she has gained to help you overcome your own health and life struggles. She will walk alongside you every step of the way helping you create a plan and develop the skills you need to live your healthiest, most fulfilling, and joyful life.

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