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Barb V

Barb V

Barb is a master teacher with life-long entrepreneurial experiences who then moved into consulting and private coaching around the subjects of financial education, business development, and improving personal performance. She has over 20 years of direct classroom instruction, is the author of more than 11 books including 1 international best seller, and has multiple Gold Medals as well as setting World Records on 3 different continents. Barb graduated with both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees with zero debt and no financial help from her family, and she can teach you how to do that, too!

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Barb lives and teaches with 3 basic principles: I'll never ask you to do anything I'm not willing to do myself; I won't do anything unless it's fun; and if we must do it - I'm going to make it FUN! She is currently writing a 5-book series on financial education for children & parents and a comic book ( on financial literacy & entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, Barb works with children and families teaching financial education, business start-up, marketing, passive residual income, entrepreneurship, money skills and self-reliance. Generating passive, residual income affords her the time and opportunities to share her knowledge, passion and love with those hungry to learn and change their lives so they too can live the life of their dreams. Barb is also an accomplished athlete and she still competes while being a highly sought after coach in the areas of strength & conditioning, mental prep & mindset, track & field, powerlifting, and all of the "ball" sports.

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