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Carol Brown Ed.D

Carol Brown Ed.D

Dr. Carol Brown, Executive Director and Educational Specialist of Equipping Minds, has been working with children and families who have struggled academically and psychologically since 1981. Carol has a Doctor of Education (Ed.D), M.A. in Social Services, and B.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is the author of Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Development, Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum, and a contributing author in the book, Neuroscience and Christian Formation. She sought additional training in cognitive development therapy, primitive reflex therapy, sound therapy, nutritional therapy, and vestibular therapy and combines these in her multi-disciplinary therapy program. Carol is licensed and certified as an FIE Mediator by the Feuerstein Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential.

Executive Director
Equipping Minds

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Carol has experience as a head of school, principal, teacher, cognitive-developmental therapist, social worker, reading and learning specialist, speaker, consultant, and mother. She has seen personally how the brain can be changed. In 1992 her son, Clayton would need all of these interventions. Clayton and her students were, and continue to be, her greatest teachers. In 2009, Carol and her husband, Kyle, stepped out of private school administration and teaching to form Equipping Minds, formerly The Academic Success Center of Kentucky, which provides individualized programs for students and adults. Their primary mission is to work with children and adults to help them overcome learning, emotional, and social challenges by equipping their minds to reach the full potential God has for them. Equipping Minds now serves individuals of all ages with a broad range of abilities, from the gifted to those with Down syndrome, Autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries, specific learning disorders, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, memory loss, and developmental delays in school and in the workplace. Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum is being used across the United States and internationally. Carol and Kyle have been married for 32 years and are the parents of three adult children. “Understanding how children learn is my passion. Cognitive training is the missing piece to the puzzle.” Dr. Carol Brown

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