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Julie Rohr

Julie Rohr

"The school years determine who our children will become and how they will impact the world around them. What a privilege to work with students and families during the most formative years of their lives." Praised for her engaging ways and clear presentations, Julie Rohr is highly regarded by families and teaching colleagues. Julie serves as a mentor, educator, and curriculum designer focused on arts education in the private, online homeschool world. Professionally, she has worked in live online art education for over 10 years. Five of those years were spent serving as the Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair for one of the largest online art departments in the country. She has written curriculum and has presented on topics in local, national, and international forums. During the course of her teaching career, she has very often been proclaimed “my favorite teacher!" Mrs. Rohr works with several organizations creating media and educational content. Currently, she teaches and advises students as a private contracting teacher with Excelsior Classes. There, she offers live online drawing and art history courses as well as student advisement for students in 7th grade and up.

Art Instructor and Student/Family Advisor
Excelsior Classes

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Julie originally got into homeschooling on a "trial basis". She has stayed with it for over 20 years in total, seeing her daughter all the way through grades K-12 and now enjoying the journey with her 8th-grade son. Because of her children's involvement in local home school groups, she has had the opportunity to engage with local children in art classes and has assisted many students with their college prep efforts. The biggest struggle she has noticed is the struggle homeschool parents have with providing satisfactory arts education for their children. Home educated students who look ahead to a future in the visual arts often do not know how to prepare for college acceptance. Parents try to find ways to either avoid messes or conversely, get their children interested in the arts. Everyone wonders, "what counts?". Whether your student is reluctant or enthusiastic, Julie is excited to speak with you about how you can help them in their home school journey. Let her unveil the mystery that often seems to cover the topic of "DIY Arts Education". You will leave excited and inspired.

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