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Leslee Dirnberger, J.D.

Leslee Dirnberger, J.D.

Leslee is Founder and President of ASPIRE EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS, a firm that specializes in developing educational plans that allow students to be engaged, successful, and proactive. Working with families, corporations, and schools, Aspire Consultants utilize personal evaluation tools, leadership principles, and organizational tools to increase productivity, time management skills, and joy!

Founder and President
Aspire Educational Consultants

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About this Speaker

Leslee Dirnberger, ('Mama D' to her students) has always had a passion for solving problems and serving others. She understands that it is a scary time for parents who want to make the best educational choice for their child and is here to help.

Leslee chose the College of William & Mary and Washington University School of Law because they would help her develop critical thinking and communication skills and give her the knowledge base she needed to help others. With a top notch education and as a 16 year veteran homeschool mom of 4, Leslee understands all of the ins and outs of homeschooling, as well as the many other education venues available. Her understanding of school options, her legal background, and her easy connections with students has led families to seek out Leslee's expertise and insights regarding their educational path and mentorship for their students.

With over 12 years of online experience, ‘Mama D’ has also taught more than a thousand teens in local classes, online classes, and camps. Her classes have included US Government/Constitution, Prelaw/Mock Trial, Critical Thinking for Emerging Leaders, US History, Adulting 101, Informal Logic, and various other leadership classes. She has also developed leadership camps and retreats, both in the United States and abroad, for hundreds of teens.

Leslee is passionate about finding the best path for your family.

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